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30.11.2012, 09:51
da ich dem PS2 Fieber verfallen bin hab ich dafür keine Zeit . Könnte aber interessant werden für die Zukunft.
Macht auf alle fälle was her ;)


You’ve been chosen (see what we did there?) to take part in our upcoming Firefall Beta Weekend! From 19:00 UTC (11am PST) on November 30th until Midnight UTC (3:00pm PST) on December 3rd, we invite you to join the residents of New Eden in defending Earth from the mysterious and dangerous Chosen, or challenge your fellow players from across the globe in fervid PvP combat! This weekend is designed as a stress test for Firefall, and a test of our new server infrastructure. The information we gather from this weekend will go a long way towards helping us provide a fast and stable service for everyone, so your feedback is highly valued!


In recent weeks the number of reports of animal attacks on the citizens of New Eden has jumped exponentially. Officials in Copacabana fear that the growing wildlife populations, if left unchecked, will begin to threaten the citizens’ way of life in the settlement. Now the Accord has called on any able-bodied Battleframe operators to help them thin the herd of New Eden’s more dangerous animals to keep the citizens safe.


Login access will be granted at 19:00 UTC (11:00am PST) on Friday, November 30th.

Download the client right now and pre-load the game in time for the weekend. Don’t forget that if you enjoy your time while playing Firefall, you can gain immediate, permanent access to the beta by purchasing a Founders Pack. Visit our Founders Page to learn about each of the different Founders Pack tiers that are available.

-- Red 5 Tribe

30.11.2012, 12:07
Ist es das hier? Sieht ja aus wie Global Agenda für Arme und im Borderlands Look...


30.11.2012, 13:46
jo das ist es mit ressourcen abbauen etc. fand ich ganz interessant :)

30.11.2012, 18:59
Hab ein Video von GS gesehen und das macht mich überhaupt nicht an. Gibts irgendwie alles schon irgendwo anderst besser