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18.08.2013, 01:46
Wenn jemand Interesse auf ein frisches, neues "Free to Play" Online Trading Card Spiel hat, der möge sich hier melden und der bekommt eine Beta Einladung von mir.

Das schöne an dem Spiel sind die wirklich toll animierten Karten, verschieden spielbare Fraktionen und das man wirklich alle Karten bekommen kann, auch ohne irgendwas dafür zu bezahlen.

Durch Quests, PvP und einer Einführungskampagne gewinnt man weitere Karten dazu.

Für so ein kleines Kickstarter Projekt mit gerade mal knapp 400 Unterstützern haben die wirklich ein cooles Spiel auf die Beine gestellt.

Hier ist die Hauptseite wo man sich das Spiel runterladen kann.


Free to Play – You could eventually acquire every card in-game by buying packets using earned currency, as long as you can keep up with our development team that is tasked with creating new ongoing content. This is the good free to play, no "energy gates" or "exclusive to buying with real world cash" cards.

"Merged Deck" Mode - We're designing an optional, casual mode specifically for anyone who thinks Trading Card Games are all "Pay to Win", Eurogamers or Board Game Strategists; that want a completely even playing field each match. The overall design revolves around merging the decks of both players into one huge deck, so no matter what cards each player has collected, it will only come down to skill and luck of the draw.

Fully Animated Decks - Every single card in Infinity Wars is animated; this is the true evolution of Trading Card Games to Digital.

Comprehensive Tutorial Quests - Gamers new to trading card games are shown through "Beginner Quests": how to play and craft a winning deck.

Simultaneous Gameplay - Each turn is taken at the same time allowing for near constant interaction and welcoming intriguing bluff & prediction tactics.

Remote Turn-Based Multiplayer – Play games with anyone in the world, from anywhere with internet access.

Hardcore Strategy - Most digital trading card games have oversimplified and gone all mainstream with their game mechanics. We've done the opposite and increased strategic depth by including positioning, yet allowing unlimited cards on field.

Weekly New Releases - New quests are created constantly providing new levels and brand new cards to unlock each and every week.

Comprehensive Ever Changing Single Player Campaign - We have an in depth Single Player Campaign, that will have side quests added to it each week. All cards unlockable without ever needing to play a human.

3D Transformable Battlefield - The default 3D Battlefield can be changed by playing Location cards which transform the field of play.

Ich hab mich für ein "Flame Dawn" Starter Deck entschieden, erinnern mich irgendwie an die Terran Republic :D


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