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04.06.2014, 20:54
Diese Woche kommt ein neuer Patch...

Coming this week...

This build has the following changes from

- fixed crash when drawing space monsters ("CheckFixNotInSystem")
- fixed rare crash when drawing ships
- fixed rare crash when drawing Empire Navigation Tool

- added *possible* fix for issue where view sometimes moves to top-left
- fixed issue where Steam Achievements were often being set prematurely
- fixed AI empires starting and then quickly ending Trade Sanctions - now always honor minimum time period
- fixed RepairBot components being downgraded to Damage Control by AI ship design
- fixed problems when loading and displaying research information when Windows set to some non-English languages (e.g. Turkish)
- ensured that pirate factions are generated at start of a new game when using an existing galaxy map
- slightly increased size of Tutorial screen to account for larger text

- adjusted default ship design templates for each race: Large Spaceports have more docking bays and construction yards, Mining Stations have more docking bays, shields and weapons
- low colony tax rates do not increase population growth rates as much as previously, but now make colony more attractive migration destination
- civilian ships now ensure they have enough reactors to power hyperdrives at full speed (same as state ships already did)
- Fighters now weighted higher when evaluating strength of potential attack targets
- AI now willing to build more military ships when at war, especially when have large cash reserves and powerful enemies
- AI now more willing to build more research stations at home colony at game start
- AI takes more care to avoid overspending on troops

- Exploration ships now scan for resources more quickly, moving on to next exploration target immediately once resources and ruins investigated
- increased amount of automated Exploration ships that are assigned to simply scout systems for colonization targets and ruins instead of performing full resource scan of system and all resources

- AI fleets are now better at coordinating multi-fleet attacks within own empire against single enemy target (beyond just coordinated fleet attacks with allies)
- increased ratio of AI-created large fleets versus small strike forces (i.e. more large fleets)

- now force immediate update of stardate and cash display when open a new screen, e.g. Empire Summary screen
- possession of an operational planet destroyer negatively affects diplomatic relations with other empires ("We are envious of your huge strength and power")