• Slitherine: Team Assault – Baptism of Fire

    Slitherine, Matrix Games und die Zeal Game Studios haben den Release von "Team Assault – Baptism of Fire" bekannt gegeben. Das Spiel stellt eine rundenbasierte, taktische Simulation auf Zugebene dar. Gewisse Ähnlichkeiten zur "Company of Heroes" Reihe scheinen auf den ersten Blick nicht von der Hand weisbar zu sein..

    Bei dem vergleichsweise günstigen Preis (ab 17,- Euro) könnte ein Blick nicht schaden. Falls wir dazu kommen, werden wir ein kurzes Review nachreichen. Besonders Interessant ist die Möglichkeit, das Spiel über den guten Slitherine Multiplayer Server zu spielen.

    ■ Area Control Gameplay Control various key areas spread throughout the map to gain the tactical advantage.

    ■ Realistic Combat - Weapon accuracy and penetration, cover versus weapon penetration, recoil, encumbrance and wounded soldiers and more!

    ■ Turn-Based With Good Pacing You're never far from the action with dynamic turns, counter actions and continual feedback keeping you constantly engaged.

    ■ Force Builder - Create your own custom squads with various gear and upgrades for endless customization.

    ■ Team Assault features an arsenal of 20 allied and axis weapons, ranging from pistols and sub-machine guns to rocket launchers and heavy machine guns

    ■ 8 different outfits, 7 combat skills, 4 pieces of equipment, such as medic kits and demolition charges, frag and smoke grenades and ranks up to major.

    ■ Having a realistic base in its game system, Team Assault is deadly. Soldiers are fragile and go down fast if hit.

    ■ Team Assault is all about tactics. Managing your forces correctly, finding your opponents weakness and using the environment are key.

    ■ Fight your friends or other players online via our multiplayer server. Show off your customized forces in this game designed from the ground up.

    ■ Push your soldier too hard and they will break. Hammer your opponents squads with automatic fire and kill their leaders and they will break instead.

    Mehr Informationen erhaltet ihr auf den Produktseiten von Slitherine und Matrix Games.

    Gameplay Trailer:


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