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Thema: Release Datum

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    Release Datum

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    Jetzt gehts los!
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    Termin notiert

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    Hab gerade nebenbei mal so in nen Interview mit den Developern reingehört und beim Satz "i loved multicrewing my tank in world war 2 online" spitze Ohren bekommen. Steht sogar ganz offiziell auf deren Seite:
    Inspired by game such as “Red Orchestra ostfront 41-45” , “Battleground Europe: WWII Online” or “ArmA” we want to provide the perfect mix of realism on large scale maps.
    Kein Wunder, daß sich dort das "Who is who" der alten Wiionline Community die Klinke in die Hand gibt.

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    Releasedatum wird zum Start der Open Beta Zeit.

    Release date postponed, Beta access from next week.

    Dear PS Community,

    We want to thank everyone for your support and helping us with our previous week-end tests of Post Scriptum. It has been truly amazing for us to see the positive reception during our past public playtests from live streams to the comments being shared. However, we realize that there are still bugs and issues keeping you from enjoying the game to the fullest. We really value you as our community and want to ensure our game is the best we can have it for release.

    After this past weekend test, we recognize that there are still issues with bugs and optimization that we would like to be resolved before we release the game. Based on our internal QA process, we were under the impression our optimization had undergone significant advancements. But after collecting a higher volume of performance reports from our public testing weekend, we realize there is more work to be done in order to get the game to a fully optimized state.

    With that being said, as hard as a decision it is, we have decided to postpone our release date until the second week of August in order for us to resolve issues around optimization and bugs. Being a small independent team has made this decision difficult as many of us have worked 3 years on Post Scriptum. We really want to make the best impression we can when it comes to release and not put out something we know ourselves has issues.

    Instead of releasing an unoptimized game on July 18th, we would like to open up a 24/7 open beta period starting July 18th, 2018 until our new release date. This will allow you to still enjoy and play the game, while helping us collect vital information to resolve all bugs and optimization issues in time for release. Post Scriptum is currently feature complete, and this beta period will allow our team to allocate all resources to bug fixing and optimization.

    All pre-orders will obtain instant access to the beta period when it is live and the game on full release.

    Open Beta Content
    – Dedicated Server files for public use
    – 24/7 Access to the game
    – All core game features
    – Pre-order gives instant access
    – Ability to report bugs, feedback and glitches
    – Consistent updates with fixes

    Once again we want to thank you all for your support and we are eager to get you playing Post Scriptum as soon as possible.

    Periscope Games
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    Hab hier mal alles Wichtige dazu zusammengefasst :

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    Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

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    beta client ist jetzt verfügbar

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    Nicht ganz, das Update ist zweigeteilt, jetzt 1.15GB an Daten und heute abend kommt ein 116 MB großer Rest nach, danach ist es live. Damit Leute mit schwächerer Leitung nicht den ganzen Abend warten müssen.
    BreizhoO - heute um 12:56 Uhr
    That way, tonight update will be 115.9 MB

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    Release der Beta ist für 20.00 Uhr MEZ angekündigt.


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